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Film Operation Wedding is the latest drama yuki kato from Indonesia which was released in 2013, directed by Monty Tiwa.In the Operation Wedding movie reliable list of names of players lined up on the picture of each player. Call it Yuki Kato, Adipati dolken, Bucek, Nino Fernandez, Kimberly Ryder, Sylvia Full R, Chris Laurent, Junior Liem, and Dahlia Poland will be the main star. From the ranks of these players, it seems that Monty wants 'Star Wars'.
film operation wedding

Operation Wedding Movie Sinopsis On campus Windi reunited her old love, Rendi (Adipati dolken) who asked her out. Love blossomed in the liver remained Rendi and Windi, so Kardi feel the need to interfere with Rendi. Rendi desperate, that should not be going out then he will invite Windi marriage. But Kardi make a reservation, Windi be married when the third her brother married first. Windi assisted Lira and Vera learning opportunities boyfriends her brother Ferries (Nino Fernandez), Beni (Christ Laurent) and Herman (Junior Liem) to immediately apply, and to save her marriage with Rendi.

Operation Wedding Movie Cast Yuki Kato as Windi Bucek Depp as laksamana Kardi Adipati dolken as Ram Dahlia Poland as Vera Kimberly Ryder as Lira Fully Sylvia R as Tara Nino Fernandez as Ferry Laurent Christ as Beni Junior Liem as Herman

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