Cast Movie : Kuswadinata,Eja, Datuk Rahim Razali, Hairie Othman, Sherie Merlis.
Movie Director: M Hilter Zami.
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Movie synopsis :
Horror movie, a fishing village used to be peaceful but the villagers find that their money is being stolen by an unknown person. Later they discover it is the work of Esah, a mystical creature ('toyol') with a guardian. Esah has been secretly visiting the home of Sutera (Eja) and Hashim (Hairie Othman) and their three kids, resulting in less stealing activity and his master's wrath. In the end, Esah turns violent and disaster awaits the whole village.

Film Janin 2010 Distributor : Primeworks Studios
Movie Running Time: 110 Mints.

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